We love to share our knowledge with other interior design enthusiasts, during 2018 we will run a series of fun and informative workshops, so please make sure to sign up to our waiting list and we will keep you updated about upcoming events.


What are the Trends for 2o18?

What are the key trends and colours for 2018? This fun and informative workshop will be packed full of key trends and colours for 2018 and beyond, illustrating how these can be executed within your home. You will also have an opportunity to engage with inspirational material samples, create your own mood board, and head home with lots of new design information and a goodie bag.


How to run your design project?

How to manage your personal design project? Are you planning to undertake a new project or renovation within your home but don't know where to start? Would you like the opportunity to speak with an interior designer and prioritise your goals and programme? Within this informative workshop we will show you how we manage our studio projects so they remain on time and budget. We will also create the opportunity for each participant to have a 1:1 session so we can answer any burning questions.


Want to start your own design practise?

Looking to start your own interior design practise? We are frequently asked about the best way of starting your own interior design practise. In this workshop we will share with you our experiences and the most considered ways of establishing your own interior design studio and building a client base.